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Develop lifelong skills for reading the Bible.

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Discover the Bible's Whole Story
Discover the Bible's Whole Story
Explore literary design patterns that connect the Bible’s first page to its last.
Study With Scholars
Study With Scholars
Each class is taught by a trained biblical scholar, providing detailed notes for every student.
Learn at Your Own Pace
Learn at Your Own Pace
Watch lectures and engage digital resources in a rhythm that works for you.
Take Classes For Free
Take Classes For Free
Whether you take one class or ten, it’s completely free for you. Classroom has already been paid for by our generous supporters.

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Join students from around the globe for an interactive learning experience filmed live in our classroom.
Not Sure Where to Start?
Learn how the Hebrew Bible texts were formed into a unified collection and develop the skills necessary for reading it well.

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

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What Students Are Saying About BibleProject Classroom


Where can I find out about upcoming releases?

We are working toward having a large library of classes available for Classroom students. Currently, we aim to add three to four new classes to our library each year.

What level of Bible knowledge do I need for Classroom?

Classroom is designed as an accessible experience for people with varying levels of biblical knowledge. Whether you're starting to explore the Bible or are a lifelong student of Scripture, Classroom will take your Bible study to the next level.

If you're new to studying Scripture, we recommend starting with the Introduction to the Hebrew Bible class. This class offers a foundation for understanding the Old Testament and introduces some of the study skills we use throughout all of our classes.

If you're diving into biblical study for the first time, it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with a few basics before joining Classroom.

Check out the How to Read the Bible video series to learn more about the literary genres in the Bible. The Paradigm article series or the Paradigm podcast series will also give you helpful tools in your journey of learning to read the Bible well.

What's the time commitment for Classroom?
Most classes are a 12-15 hour total commitment, and individual sessions within a class are typically 20-30 minutes long. Each class is self-guided, so there are no deadlines or set completion dates.
Which class should I start with?

We recommend starting with Introduction to the Hebrew Bible. It lays a foundation for understanding the Old Testament and introduces some basic study skills we'll use throughout all of our classes.

After you've completed the Introduction to the Hebrew Bible class, check out Heaven and Earth to continue through the Genesis scroll, or skip ahead to something different with classes like Jonah or Ephesians.

We also recommend checking out The Art of Biblical Words to develop skills for discovering the original meaning and context for Hebrew and Greek words, as well as an introduction to the best tools for self-study.

Can I get school credit for taking classes?

These classes are designed to help you dig deeper into Scripture with the guidance of our team of biblical scholars.

Although we're exploring more options to celebrate the work of those who complete a class, these courses are not designed to satisfy the academic requirements needed for accreditation in college, graduate, or seminary programs.

However, anyone who completes a class will receive a digital achievement certificate.

Does my Classroom activity sync between the app and the website?

Yes! You can now access the latest Classroom design and features on the device of your choice: mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. All of your future session progress, notes, reflections, and quizzes will be saved to your account and accessible across all platforms. If you had previous progress or notes on Classroom, your data will be synced across platforms by June 14, 2024.

Can I download class videos to watch offline?
Videos, slides, and personal notes are not currently available for offline use. However, we are planning to add download functionality at a later point.
Can I be a student in a Classroom filming?

Students for all scheduled filmings have been selected. But you can stay in the loop on any future in-person student opportunities by keeping an eye out for announcements on our social platforms and podcast.