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The Kingdom of God is good news for the poor.

Luke documents how Jesus ushered in God's Kingdom on Earth by creating a new Israel that includes the poor, outcasts, and marginalized. Jesus reverses the world order and elevates the humble. And he offers them a place of belonging in God’s eternal Kingdom and freedom from evil and sin.

And just as this Kingdom is unexpected, so is Jesus’ rule as the messianic King. He will reign over his people through serving and suffering. And his death on the cross ushers in a Kingdom marked by self-giving love and sacrifice.

Jesus’ Upside-Down Kingdom

The Gospel of Luke emphasizes the upside-down nature of God’s Kingdom—a place where all are welcome and power structures are reversed. It's a place where the poor and humble, the outcasts of society, are elevated to places of honor. Luke emphasizes this through a series of parables about banquets, where Jesus illustrates that all are welcome in the family of God.

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