Watch / Revelation 1-11

Revelation 1-11

What is the book of Revelation about in the Bible? Watch to explore its major themes and gain a deeper understanding of the end of the biblical story.

Book Overviews Dec 14, 2016


  1. How does this video disrupt or expand your understanding of the book of Revelation?
  2. Name one thing you notice about the structure of the letter.
  3. How would you summarize one of the key ideas of this video in your own words?

Go Deeper

John begins his letter by describing a vision of the risen Jesus, standing among seven burning lights that represent seven local churches in Asia Minor. Jesus knows the churches are suffering violence and persecution and that they will need encouragement to persevere. So he calls John to write letters to each church to help them choose faithfulness and overcome apathy and moral compromise. Jesus warns that the dangers of compromise are far greater than any threat of persecution and the rewards of returning to him are also far greater. He promises the blessings of a united Heaven and Earth to all those who return to him.

Read: Revelation 1-3

  1. How does John describe Jesus in Revelation 1:4-8 and 1:12-16? How does Jesus describe himself in John’s vision in Revelation 1:17-18? Create a list of these descriptions, and then choose one description to think about, visualize, and appreciate for a moment.
  2. Review chapters 2 and 3. What specific acts and attitudes of faithfulness receive Jesus’ compliments and encouragement? What specific compromises does Jesus expose? What are the dangers of these compromises?
  3. What is Jesus’ promised reward for the churches who do not compromise and instead choose faithfulness to him? Referring to your list (question 1), how is each promise related to who Jesus is and what he has already done?
  4. Can you imagine being apathetic, cruel, or greedy while encountering a vision of the risen Jesus? Why or why not? Review the list you made at the beginning of this reflection. How do you think remembering these vivid descriptions of Jesus can help us conquer the temptation to compromise our faithfulness to him?

Learn More

What is the message of Revelation?

The book of Revelation is not a secret code or puzzle to predict the end of the world. It’s a message to seven ancient churches who were facing persecution. It’s an indictment of earthly kingdoms that makes that point that every human kingdom eventually becomes Babylon and must be resisted. The book is filled with visions and images that point to Jesus’ return as the ultimate King, where he will restore his people and usher in the new creation. This promise motivates every generation of God's people to remain faithful in the midst of persecution and hardship.

God's Rescue Plan

The book of Revelation is a letter written to seven churches as both encouragement and challenge. It uses visions and symbolic imagery to offer a glimpse of God's plan for a new creation. See how the strange visions of Revelation point to the fulfilment of God's promise to Abraham and his purpose for humanity.

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