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"The Bible is a light unto my path, but Classroom helped me turn it on!"
— CG

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BibleProject Annual

Receive a physical copy of our Annual publication, a thoughtfully designed magazine that celebrates the year in review and outlines our goals for the future. Go behind-the-scenes with the people who make up the BibleProject team and get an in-depth look at the work that you make possible.

Monthly supporters of at least $10 a month will receive a copy of the Annual.

Read Scripture Coffee Table Book

This oversized clothbound book contains every diagram in the Overview series alongside short summaries of each book. The diagrams include the Old Testament and New Testament books in the Protestant tradition.

Monthly supporters of at least $50 per month will receive a copy of the coffee table book.

Redeemable only once. Ships internationally.

Learn on the Go With the BibleProject App

Coming soon! An all-new version of the Adam to Noah class will be available on the BibleProject app. Take notes, unlock the meaning of Hebrew words, and listen to lectures in this fully-mobile Classroom experience.

Join Us As We Expand Our Classroom

BibleProject is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and has been fully crowdfunded from the beginning. With an average monthly donation of less than $20 a month, monthly BibleProject supporters have made all our work to date possible through their generosity. Everything we make is made available for free, all due to your help. Thank you so much for supporting BibleProject!

Please note: we estimate the cost of our projects (videos) in an effort to best attribute your donations to the project you choose to fund. While we do our best, timelines and budgets can change, and so we reserve the right to utilize funding in an unrestricted manner to best support the ministry. Donations are made in $USD. Please accommodate for exchange rates accordingly.

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