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Ancient Cosmology

In this series, Tim and Jon explore cosmology in the Hebrew Bible alongside other origin stories of the ancient world.
BibleProject Podcast • 8 Episodes
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8 Episodes
Episode 8
Timelines, Dinosaurs, and the Purpose of Creation
Are Genesis 1 and 2 literal? What’s up with the differing timelines in those chapters? Where are the dinosaurs in the Bible? How do you know what ancient Hebrew words really meant? In this episode, Tim and Jon tackle your questions from the Ancient Cosmology series. Thanks to our audience for all your incredible questions!
59m • Jul 12, 2021
Episode 7
The Genealogical Adam and Eve
Did humans originate by intelligent design or the process of evolution? This question has been debated by the scientific community and readers of Genesis for almost 200 years. In this episode, join Tim, Jon, and special guest Dr. S. Joshua Swamidass as they discuss human origins and a way to bridge the gap across such a significant debate.
71m • Jul 5, 2021
Episode 6
Genesis 1-2: Origins or Identity?
How compatible is the Bible with science? And why does the creation story look different between Genesis 1 and 2? In this episode, join Tim, Jon, and special guest Dr. John Walton as they discuss these questions and the necessity of studying ancient culture and cosmology to truly understand our Bibles today.
60m • Jun 21, 2021
Episode 5
Rivers Flowing Upward
What does it mean that the biblical authors expected the return of Eden? The prophets anticipated waters of life from God would do miraculous things like restore the barren Dead Sea region to its former lush state and unite all humanity. In this episode, join Tim and Jon as they follow the waters of life from Genesis 1-2 throughout time, in anticipation of the coming Day of the Lord.
46m • Jun 14, 2021
Episode 4
One Creation Story or Two?
Are there two creation stories in Genesis? How do Genesis 1 and 2 fit together and into the rest of the biblical story? In this episode, Tim and Jon explore these questions and the theme of water in the opening chapters of the Bible. Yahweh's transformation of the chaos waters into waters of life sets the stage for his calling upon his people and for an important theme that will carry us from Genesis to Revelation.
41m • Jun 7, 2021
Episode 3
The Greatest Elohim
The biblical authors often use creation imagery that clearly didn’t come from Genesis 1. Did they borrow from the creation accounts of other cultures? In this episode, join Tim and Jon for a deep dive into Genesis 1:1-2 and discover its similarity to other ancient cosmologies, plus one key difference: Yahweh is infinitely greater than all other gods.
68m • May 31, 2021
Episode 2
Does the Bible Borrow From Other Creation Stories?
What is existence? What existed before humans did? Ancient people groups asked the same questions we do today with totally different answers. In this episode, Tim and Jon survey the cosmologies of Israel’s neighbors, ancient Egypt, Canaan, and Babylon—people groups the biblical authors shared more in common with than modern readers—to shed light on the Bible’s creation account.
81m • May 24, 2021
Episode 1
Genesis 1 and the Origins of the Universe
What does the Bible really say about the origins of the universe? The biblical authors had a completely different framework for this question than we do. When we expect the Bible to settle our debates, we close ourselves off from understanding the text as they intended it. In this episode, join Tim and Jon as they kick off a new series on Genesis 1-3, beginning with a look at ancient cosmologies.
35m • May 17, 2021
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