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Discover Luke & Acts as One Story

A New 40-Day Reading Plan from BibleProject and YouVersion

Did you know that the books of Luke and Acts were written by the same author and intended to be read as one story?

A Journey Through Luke & Acts

Luke provides eyewitness reports of Jesus’ life and ministry and Acts picks up with real-life accounts of the early church. When read together, the books help us explore the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and discover God’s vision for a whole new humanity.

Today BibleProject and YouVersion have partnered to create a reading plan in over 30 languages that challenges readers to enter into the Luke-Acts story.

For the next 40 days, read eyewitness accounts of Jesus’ ministry and the birth of the church. Join readers around the world on “A Journey through Luke & Acts” and discover God’s vision for a whole new humanity united in Jesus.

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